New boss for Brewers Association

Tim Reardon

Tim Reardon

The representative body for the big breweries of Australia and New Zealand has named its new executive director, following the departure of Denita Wawn last year.

Tim Reardon is an economist with a background in government relations in member-based organisations. Most recently he was executive director of the National Generators Forum, an industry association representing Australia’s electricity generators.

His previous employers include the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Housing Industry Association and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Curiously for his new role, Reardon moonlights as a distiller – a vocation that was revealed by Lion managing director James Brindley when he announced the appointment at the IBD 2016 Convention this week.

“He actually distills gin, so we’re going to have to get him to stop that and become a craft brewer,” joked Brindley.

However, Reardon told Australian Brews News that The Canberra Distillery – a new venture he launched last year – is more of a hobby than a serious business pursuit.

“I have lots of hobbies and that’s just one of them,” he said, adding that the new role was “a culmination of a personal hobby and my professional career”.

Reardon said his priorities will be “strengthening the reputation of the beer industry, improving the image of beer and advocating for targeted interventions to resolve alcohol misuse rather than increasing regulation of the beer industry”.

Reardon’s predecessor Denita Wawn has taken up a role as general manager of operations at Master Builders Australia, after almost four years representing thebrewers.

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