New brewpub for inner Melbourne

L-R: Owners Travis Notts and Anthony Dinoto

L-R: Owners Travis Nott and Anthony Dinoto

The latest addition to Melbourne’s inner western suburbs, Kensington’s Bonehead Brewing opened to the public in on January 26.

Founders Anthony Dinoto and Travis Nott are longtime home brewers who left their marketing and automotive careers to follow their passion for beer, Dinoto told Brews News.

They had originally intended to call their company Scoundrel Brewing, before realising that name had already been trade marked.

Following a minor legal dispute, Dinoto and Nott realised they’d made a ‘bonehead’ move in failing to do the proper IP research, and the new name Bonehead Brewing just stuck.

Their Kensington venue consists of a custom-built 10hL brewhouse and four 10hL fermentation vessels.

Bonehead Brewing has beers are pouring from 12 taps, each with cartoon decals Dinoto says are inspired by the company’s ethos of not taking things too seriously.

Food trucks will serve the patrons outside the brewpub, which is in the broad vicinity of Henry Street Brewing, Hop Nation and Two Birds.

“We intend on looking after locally based patrons and being a brewery for the community, first and foremost,” Dinoto said.

Bonehead Brewing operates Thursday to Sunday, located on Parsons St, Kensington.

It was one of nine new breweries to open in Victoria during 2017, a year in which 49 new breweries opened in Australia overall.

Brewery openings are presented bySpark Breweries and Distilleries, the finest in-venue and production brewing systems available, with local design and support.

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