New head brewer at Lost Palms

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The Covid lockdown has taken its toll on Sydney residents and Lost Palms looks to benefit from those seeking to escape the big city life.

Welcome Mitchell Wirth to the team! Formerly Sauce Brewing Co. Head Brewer, Mitch has left Sydney’s Inner West in search of brighter skies and a bright pink brewery.

Lost Palms Founder and Director Jarrod Blanning is keen to discover what Mitch’s prior experience can bring to the table.

“We’re super excited to be welcoming Mitch to the team, someone brewing on that level in one of the most competitive craft beer locations in Australia is a huge asset to the team,” Jarrod said.

Mitch has been given the creative freedom to spearhead some beers he has been personally developing over his time in brewing with new brews expected to hit shelves and tap-banks over the coming months; Mitch also plans to harness this creative drive and take the existing core range and specialty brews to the next level.

Mitch has come to the brewing industry like many others from the IT industry and brings meticulous attention to detail to each and every aspect of the brewing process.

“Learning a new system will be a bit of a challenge, it’s like in IT the programming software you use varies but the outcome in what the customers see remains the same,” Mitch said.

Founder and Director Jarrod Blanning said there is expected to be significant structural and creative changes on the Horizon for Lost Palms.

“We’re currently in the process of upgrading the existing brewhouse at Miami and scoping out sites for a larger production site that will take care of the bigger batch brews,” Jarrod said.

“This will allow Miami to pump out heaps of smaller batch experimentals.”

Mitch said he is excited to tackle some new challenges and to get his hands on a fresh brew kit.

“Commissioning a new kit and getting to make it work the way I want it to work will be exciting and a really fun challenge,” said Mitch.

Mitch and his partner have made the big move up from Sydney to just south of the border where he said he’s eager to get amongst the laid-back GC lifestyle with his family.

“It’s a lifestyle choice for us, we want to have a strong community vibe. Being close to the Hussle and bustle of the Gold Coast and being able to live the small-town life is a dream come true for us,” he said,

“The SEQLD brewing scene is in a huge state of flux which has me super excited to get in and get brewing in the area.”

Drop in to the Miami taproom on a Friday afternoon to see Mitch and the brew team in action, and keep an eye out for taproom and limited releases from Mitch over the coming weeks and months.


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