New initiative for Cicerones launched in Australia

A new beer education community has launched in Australia – The Australian Cicerone – Certified Professionals Community.

Launched by Lion’s former Craft Beer Ambassador team leader and Advanced Cicerone, Paul Daley, the community is designed to support those undergoing the Cicerone certification.

He told Brews News that the community seeks to support those that have completed and are completing formal study through the Cicerone Certification Program maintain and grow that knowledge.

“Through mentoring others we seek to grow beer’s share of the alcohol market by focussing on education and advocacy, to make beer an attractive option in more occasions and increase awareness of the professional training available in the service of beer,” Paul said.

“The overall decline of beer consumption and purchasing frequency versus other categories is due to a shift in how consumers perceive beer and the occasions that it is suitable for.”

He said the group aims to combat the decline with professional education and increased advocacy from those who interact with consumers in the service of beer, an area that other competing categories have successfully invested in more than the beer category.

The Australian community is not directly associated with the Cicerone organisation, however Paul was able to secure agreement from Cicerone to use the registered name in their association’s group.

“The Cicerone Certification Program allows private individuals to develop training programs to help candidates study for an exam with the caveat that they are not affiliated with or endorsed by the CCP,” Paul said.

“This is a new area starting in Australia as no other market has tried this and it is unique that Cicerone has allowed us to use the trademark Cicerone® in our community name.

“I believe that is an endorsement of our plan and the team that has been assembled to execute the plan.”

While Daley has been the driver behind the initiative, founding members of the leadership team including Advanced Cicerone Matt Marinich, Certified Cicerone and multi-award-winning drinks writer James Atkinson and has the support of Stomping Ground as a community partner.

Industry professionals and Cicerones can become involved with the community through its website and Facebook group.

You can hear more about Paul and his background and passion for the beer industry on our Beer is a Conversation from February this year when he achieved his Advanced Cicerone qualification.

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