New Keller Door release from 4 Pines

Media Release

KD_CitrusIPA_MockBottle5e4 Pines last Keller Door (small batch) release was a change of direction for the brewery with a potent 8.0% Imperial India Brown Ale that proved to be a resounding success. One untapped user Tom P. in a very technical review described the beer as ‘Hoppy, piney, citrusy, malty, smoothy, yumminess’ and another gushing review from user Yo H. made detailed reference to it being ‘Beer’.

After a slight break and a re-brand the team are back with their newest release in the form of a Citrus IPA, this sees a continuation of the big hitting, high ABV direction they took with their last release, only now it’s in a really super pretty bottle. It’s as if Dr. Seuss has filled a bucket full of rainbows and rad stuff you did as a kid, then thrown it at some asbestos paneling to create a work of art that smacks you in the face with summer and a mouthful of joy.

So it looks good, what about the beer? 4 Pines tasting notes describe the beer as the following;

Summer is all about going big. As a kid you would pull endo 360’s on your BMX, stuff your mouth with sour warheads & sneak peaks at your best mates sister by the pool, whilst nailing backflips off the balcony. This beer is all of that. Displaying aggressive bitterness & a slight mouth puckering zestiness, the full body & hop driven aromas are enhanced by the subtle addition of in season fresh blood orange, grapefruit & lime.

500mL Beer | 7% ABV | 60 IBU


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