New love potion brewing for Australian Love Stories

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To celebrate the forthcoming exhibitionAustralian Love Stories, renowned Canberra beer makersCapital BrewingCohave created a new aledesigned to reflect the sometimes sweet, sometimes sour nature of romantic love.

Part of a new partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, Capital Brewing Co has launched the beer in venues around Canberra in time for Valentine’s Day ahead of the exhibition opening on March 20th.

The brew, titledPucker Up Pear & Elderflower Sour, is both sweet and sour on the palate – reflecting some of the themes and stories contained within the exhibition.

Australian Love Storiesis a major new exhibition developed by the National Portrait Gallery to celebrate love in all its guises – from the romantic, to the platonic, between friends, lovers, creative collaborators and within families and communities.

Drawing on gems from the National Portrait Gallery Collection and other public and private collections around Australia, the exhibition features more than 200 artworks including photography, painting, works on paper and small objects. At its heart are the real-life love stories shared. Using contemporary portraiture and the storytelling intrinsic to the genre, more than 80 stories are featured – from the enduring to the forbidden, familial, platonic, unrequited, obsessive, scandalous and creative, the famous, the infamous and the little-known.

NPG Director Karen Quinlan AM said the Portrait Gallery was delighted to see theCapital Brewing Coteam dig deep into the theme of love to create the new beer. “We’re thrilled to partner with this dynamic Canberra company, who explored a number of stories and themes in the exhibition to create this inspired, delightful new brew.

“The elderflower was chosen as a key ingredient, because it has historically been regarded as an aphrodisiac, used to ward off evil spirits, and to symbolise regeneration – all of which are relevant when talking about romantic love.”

Capital Brewing Co Lead Brewer Matt Thiele, said the name of the drink also has a bit of a double meaning. “Pucker up is of course the vernacular for a kiss, and one sip of this sour will definitely make you pucker your lips” he said. “It’s a perfectly balanced 4.5% sour with a lovely hint of sweetness and a silky mouthfeel thanks to 250kg of pear and the additionof lactose. Dried elderflower petals added hot side, and dry-hopped elderflower syrup adds subtle earthy, floral aromas. It finishes tart making it a refreshing, sessionable, summer love story.”

Australian Love Stories opens 20th March 2021 at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Tickets availablehere. $15/$12/$10 Circle of Friends

18 and under free

*Pucker Up is now pouring at venues in Canberra and Sydney.*

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