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Media Release_Daves Events Launch Beer Final (3)Dave’s Events has launched in Sydney and the team are already enriching both the dynamic craft beer community and the meetings and events industry. The craft beer curation and event management collective have a fresh solution for event planners looking to liven up and enhance their event program. The team create engaging experiences that offer the best of the local beer scene and expert industry knowledge into virtually any event format. Backed by industry partners Tourism Australia and Destination NSW, Dave’s Events has quickly established itself as a trusted event delivery service.

Those in the know may recognise other brands in Dave’s Travel & Events Group including Dave’s Brewery Tours (DBT) and Dave’s Pub Walks (DPW). The expansion to include an events capability was a natural progression with many tour guests returning and asking for corporate experiences. The challenge for Dave and his team was upholding their promise to bring local beer to more people in the face of the volumes of corporate guests wanting a well curated beer experience making it hard to get everyone on a tour and into the breweries. So according to Dave they turned their tours upside down and started taking the brewery tour experience to corporate offices and events.

Dave’s Events is the brainchild of owners Dave Phillips, Shonna Mulley and Liam Pereira – though hailing from diverse backgrounds – the trio equally contribute their passion for the products and years of experience in the tourism, events and beer industries. The focus of the partnership was to bring together the best event production capability with the best beer advocates and create a team which could quench corporate event organisers’ thirst for fresh events services, drive industry collaboration and ultimately introduce people to the best produce of the local craft beer industry.

Curating beer experiences to enhance diverse event formats including incentives, team building, brand activations, tastings, demonstrations and educational sessions are all major parts of the business. Upon starting however, what quickly became clear was the value Dave’s Events can provide to local breweries and the beer community. The ability for Dave’s Events to put local beer in the hands of thousands of event delegates and corporate clients has become a cornerstone of the offering.

“Many of our local breweries can’t afford the time and costs in hosting a beer event for a corporate client, either in their venue or off site. Combine that with the fact that many events are arranged by people not familiar with the craft beer scene so they take the path of least resistance, going down the local bottle shop and buying what’s on special. We wanted to change that and put fresh, local beer into the event space and in the hands of as many corporate customers as possible. Our job is to showcase our local producers, tell their stories and create fans of our local beer without the breweries shouldering the burden of being at each event. Our model is simple, we just want to see more people introduced to our local breweries, we’re already championing our beer community on tours every day, so providing beer activations is helping take that further” – Dave Phillips

To see what all the buzz is about, and to see how your brewery can benefit from being involved check out or email

Writing the next chapter in Australia’s historic love of beer, Dave’s Events delivers craft beer experiences that combine passion, authenticity and the best brews that local producers have to offer. Committed to collaboration, our team’s fresh approach to partnership results in sourcing the highest quality products from our network of craft brewers and sharing our specialised knowledge at every event we deliver.

The local craft beer community is evolving and we’ve made it our mission to connect you with these incredible artisans and their products. We are here to bridge the gap between event groups and local producers at innovative events that will always inspire and welcome people to this dynamic collective.

Beyond the curation, provision and service of sensational craft beer, Dave’s Events team has over 20 years experience in successful event delivery. Multi-disciplined and versatile, Dave’s Events team creates completely customisable experiences catering to diverse corporate requirements including celebrations, team building, incentives, educational sessions and brand promotions whilst always showcasing the best craft beer available.

We provide all the ingredients for one great experience.

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