Noosa Festival rebrands after craft beer success

Noosa Eat and Drink

Tourism Noosa has announced that Noosa Food and Wine Festival has been renamed Noosa Eat and Drink Festival to keep up with the evolving drinking habits of Australians, which have highlighted the popularity of beer, as well as spirits and cider.

At last year’s festival craft beer was number one in sales from the drinks provided, and the region is home to seven craft breweries and a distillery, Fortune.

Festival director Sheridah Puttick said it was time to represent what the Noosa Festival is about: “a true celebration of Australian eating and drinking. Drinking wine for sure, but also drinking a myriad of other delicious things, many of which are distinctively home-grown”.

“In recent years Noosa and surrounds has seen a mini-boom in local breweries, craft distilleries and coffee roasters so the Festival name now better reflects our region,” she said.

Josh Donohoe, owner of Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours, said that the move is positive one for brewers.

“We have been pushing hard over the last three years to have beer included at the festival village, and as part of the external events and tours. Last year’s event showed that guests were actively seeking out beer and wanting to try different styles,” he said.

“The market is shifting, with wine and champagne drinkers realising that there is a beer to suit their tastes.”

The announcement of the name change was also welcomed by representatives of the beer, cider and spirits industries including IBA chairman Jamie Cook, president of Australian Distillers Association Stu Gregor and president of Cider Australia, Sam Reid who issued a joint statement of support.

“The Noosa Festival has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of Australia’s eating and drinking culture and that is an ever-changing beast. We don’t eat the same foods the same way as we did a decade ago and we certainly don’t drink the way we used to either. Great acknowledgement, Noosa and see you in May,” they said.

The Noosa Eat and Drink Festival will take place 14th to 17th May 2020.

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