One Year On… Bailey Brewing Co.

Opening a brewery in the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat, but family-owned brewery Bailey Brewing Co. has managed to go from strength to strength since opening its doors.

Led by co-founder Steven Bailey, along with brother Daniel and dad Geoff, the brewery is situated in Western Australia’s Swan Valley and aims to provide an experience that exemplifies its mission statement of ‘it’s pretty simple, really.’

“It has been pretty good,” explained Steven Bailey, “…we have received exceptional feedback from our customers.”

Through its success, the business has been recognised for its work through various accolades including the Royal Perth Beer Awards and recently being finalists in the AHA-Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence.

However, much like Busselton brewery Shelter Brewing and its staff shortages, Bailey Brewing faced logistical issues throughout the pandemic.

“COVID hit us hard like many other venues with regard to staffing, however we have a really good team with everyone working hard to provide exceptional customer service to our customers,” Bailey said.

While working through the lockdowns, not being able to provide work for its staff was a tough situation for the business.

“What hurts the most for us is our casual workforce, they were unable to work and for some of them, it’s their bread and butter.

“We did have a small number of casual staff work though the lockdowns to assist with our takeaway options, but we feel for them,” Bailey said.

Being able to adapt on the fly is essential for any brewery, especially in a post-COVID world, according to Bailey.

“As a new brewery in today’s times, you need to change and adapt. Our team was great in adapting to suit the needs of a new business and the needs of our clients,” he said.

While this piece of advice is also key for aspiring brewers, Bailey also suggested that brewers commit to the groundwork.

“Do your research on consultants and suppliers. There are some really good consultants and there are some ordinary ones.”


Providing a safe and friendly space for the community is no small task, and for Bailey Brewing, this is what the business has strived to accomplish.

“We set out to be a family-friendly brewery, stuff had to be easy, no fuss, simple, easy-drinking craft beers.

“We wanted our customers to share a great day out that ends with a bloody good feeling, and not a hole in their wallet.”

When it comes to future plans for Bailey Brewing, the business looks forward to distributing its beers, according to Bailey.

“We have just received our full tavern licence so we are busy now brewing, canning and kegging our great beers, lookout, our beers will be all over WA real soon.”

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