Panhead beers back in Australia

Panhead Custom Ales

After top-level negotiations with all the big noises Panhead Custom Ales is pleased to announce that normal service will soon resume in the great nation of Australia. Massive demand back home in New Zealand is keeping a lid on availability, but select quantities of the core range are now being distributed through Paramount Liquor in VIC and NSW.

Although Panhead was purchased by Lion in July 2016 it still cleaves to its unrepentant Upper Hutt ways under the supervision of founder and Head Brewer Mike Neilson. Brewery expansion in 2017 will allow Lion Australia to introduce more of Panhead’s award-winning hop bombs next year so prepare your taste buds for a thorough thrashing.

Supporters of Panhead interested in getting their hands on this rare and fabulous stuff can contact Paramount Liquor at

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