Petainer teams up with Cospak

PET keg supplier Petainer is partnering with packaging solutions business Cospak to expand its distribution reach across Australia.

Petainer said that the deal with Cospak, owned by San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation, would bring the company closer to breweries than ever before.

The national distribution deal will ensure Petainer kegs can be delivered across Australia according to Troy Pixley, head of sales at Petainer.

“In terms of sustainability, this allows us to warehouses kegs in all states, taking advantage of the lower emissions footprint associated with moving containers instead of rolling LCL [less than container load] shipments,” Pixley said.

“Ease of accessibility for our clients is also key and we understand that being able to have kegs readily available to support them in taking advantage of spontaneous orders is key to their success.

“With many in the community still reeling from COVID, local supply with lower freight costs is also key to giving the community some much-needed relief,” he said.

The agreement will also see Petainer expand its range to include 30L hybrid kegs, PET takeaway beer bottles and PET growlers in the coming months, with what it says is a more competitive pricing model. It has also just released its latest G4 fitting, making its kegs the only one way keg with a pressure release valve, according to Pixley.

“Cospak Australia is excited to partner with Petainer to stock the 20L and 30L Hybrids,” said Noelle Bakirtzidis, general manager of Cospak.

“This product range complements the selection of products currently available to the beverage industry in general.

“Petainer has been known to be a strong supplier of quality and innovative range whilst Cospak has a strong sales footprint nationally along with warehousing space across all major capital cities.

“We see this strategic alliance working well to meet the expectations of the Australian marketplace by providing innovation and product availability throughout Australia.”

Pixley said the team were looking forward to developing a strong business partnership with Cospak, especially following the challenging pandemic period.

“Like many businesses, COVID did have a big impact,” he said.

“Being a draught packaging solution, we definitely felt the bite of bars and other establishments closing for lockdown.

“This resulted in us restructuring the business to see how we can better support the community. Our partnership with Cospak has by all means allowed us to do that by bringing the kegs closer to the end customer, expanding our offering to feature our 30L Hybrid and at a more competitive price than ever before.”

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