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Gage Roads Brew Co is giving you the chance to pick our next limited release, with one lucky beer lover winning the opportunity to join the brewers on brew day and bring the beer to life.

Voting is open in the Gage Roads “You Vote, We Brew” competition, with beer fans able to vote for one of four beer styles. The most popular beer will be brewed and released by Gage Roads as its winter limited release, hitting fridges and pubs across the country from June.

While fans will have the final say, the Gage Roads brew team put together the short list. Dozens of ideas and beer styles were thrown into the mix, with the brewers narrowing it down to four beers. They include a Breakfast Stout, Smoked Porter, Black IPA and Dark Lager.

“The brew team have had a lot of fun, and some serious debate, with this. It all started with every member of the team putting forward a beer style or idea for our next limited release. We then had a popular vote to narrow it down to four beers. Now we have them, it’s over to beer fans who will decide which beer we brew this winter.

“At the end of the day, we brew beer for people to enjoy. I think it’s great to have beer lovers decide what our winter limited release will be. However, the brewers are already getting into the spirit of things and have switched into campaign mode to make sure their beer comes out on top,” says head brewer Ross Brown.

Each beer is represented by the Gage Roads brew team member that nominated it, leading the brew from start to finish. Voting closes on March 3, with the winning beer announced on March 12.

One lucky voter will also win the chance to join the Gage Roads team on brew day, to see the brewing process first-hand. To vote, hit the link here, or jump on the Gage socials.



Breakfast Stout by Josh Masters

“It’s a meal in a glass! It’s a great style that has all the rich malt character that you love in a stout, with the addition of coffee and oats that lend a beautiful silky mouthfeel. Breakfast Stouts are one of my favourite beer styles, it’s so complex and has so much to offer.”

Smoked Porter by Samson Saggers

“This beer will take you straight to winter camping, sitting around that winter campfire and having a few brews with your mates. You’re going to get those roasted malt flavours of coffee, toffee and mocha, with a smooth body and a hint of creaminess.”

Black IPA by Tim Bransby

“It’s a new style and really a mixture of a caramel style Porter beer but with a heap of hops thrown at it. I love the nature of this style, I love dark beers and IPAs, so if I can have all of that in one glass, then why not. It’s something that’s different, left field but it works, so I love it.”

Dark Lager by Ruaridh Atkins

“This beer is steeped in tradition and history with its roots going back five centuries to Munich, Germany. I love how balanced it is, it’s not overwhelming, and you can enjoy a few of them.”

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