Pilot System for Sale

Two Mates Brewing Co have a pilot brewkit that is surplus to to their needs.


  •  Approx 225-230litre max liquid capacity on kettle.
  • 240v single phase 
  • 3 Vessel system. HLT, Boil, Mash/lauter Ton. 
  • 2x 10kw Heating elements, Boil Kettle & HLT
  • Mash Ton with stainless false bottom 
  • Fully insulated 3 vessel, 3inch thick
  • PID Controller, controls HLT element, Boil elements, VSD Pump controlling wort pump, hotwater transfer pump.
  • 16mm Electrical Cabling & Isolator 
  • Full size mash paddle
  • Grain rake 
  • Large plate chiller, airation port
  • Spare tri clamps and gaskets
  • Spare element
  • 2x 3 metre sanitary brewing hoses 
  • Sight glasses 
  • A few other bits and pieces

System supplied from Hulk Brewtech


  •  2x 700 litre Barry brown and sons jacketed fermenters.
  • Carbonation stone 
  • Adjustable racking arm
  •  2x 150 litre jacketed fermenters
  • 1x chilli glycol tank, 50 litre capacity with submersible pumps.
  • 1x PID control box for 150 litre fermenters capable of temp controlling 2x 150L fermenters individually. Fitted with 2x Ink bird temp controllers and laser cut to fit a 3rd. 

All fittings and extras we bought for the fermenters (sight glasses, pressure kits / spunding valves etc) will be included. 

$45,000.00 (including GST)

Please contact Grant or Andrew with any questions.

Grant Smith
M: 0439 771 442
E: grant@twomatesbrewing.com.au

Andrew Newton
M: 0400 078 343
E: andrew@twomatesbrewing.com.au

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