Pink Boots launches mentoring program

Pink Boots Society Australia, which supports women in the brewing and associated industries, has launched a new mentoring programme.

As part of the project, Pink Boots is looking for and connecting mentors of all genders and skillsets with its members who are looking to further their knowledge, skills and career.

“It was really member-driven,” explained Pink Boots Society Australia President Tiffany Waldron, who took on the role last year.

“Our members have been reaching out and asking for a better way to connect with others in the industry, and for some guidance and advice.

“It’s something Selena [Henshall] and I’ve been spitballing for a long time, and now we finally have Pink Boots organised enough to organise it!”

Vice President of Pink Boots Australia Selena Henshall said that she had experienced mentoring programmes firsthand and believed they would be invaluable to Pink Boots’ members.

“Having been in a mentoring programme myself and knowing that people talk about their mentors as making a difference to them, the meaning of mentor is something that people recognise is important,” Henshall said.

“For the first time I saw myself in a different light from someone not emotionally connected to you like a family member or a friend, but from an industry and professional point of view, they put a mirror in front of you and let you know what you’ve got, and address the questions you have.

“To further your career and say you’ve been a mentor is great for your CV, and to be a mentee is something that is truly transformational.”

Pink Boots is accepting applications from mentors and mentees and will connect the two over a trial period from May to October 2021.

“This is a pretty condensed programme over a few months, it’s only the first time we’re doing it so it’s a bit of a trial,” explained Waldron.

“People fill out the questionnaire depending on what their goal in their career is, whether they want to change roles, get a promotion, have a difficult conversation with someone or just expand their knowledge – that’s what people join Pink Boots for.

“Anything they need we’ll try and match them with the appropriate person that will be able to help.”

Henshall and Waldron reiterated that anyone of any gender was welcome to sign up as a mentor.

“It’s important for us to have allies and celebrate our allies,” said Waldon. “I think it’s important in this male-dominated industry not to overlook what everyone can offer to Pink Boots members.

“There are people outside the Pink Boots community available to help. There are amazing people to connect with who can offer a connection outside Pink Boots as well.”

There will also be a ‘pay-it-forward’ element for the mentees, who will be able to deliver education or training sessions on what they’ve learnt or a skill they have, run networking events, write a blog or even become a mentor themselves in the next round.

For those interested in applying as either a mentor or a mentee fill in the form here:

Any prospective members who are not yet signed up to Pink Boots can click here to register.

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