Pints of Perth launches WA Beer of the Year

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Pints of Perth launch WA Beer of the Year 2018/2019

Local Western Australian beer blog – Pints of Perth today launched for the first time the
WA Beer of the Year’ awards which will crown one local craft beer “WA’s best beer” via
a popular vote to be announced on WA Day, Monday June 3.

Following in the footsteps of well-known GABS Hottest 100 which counts down the top 100 craft beers in Australia on Australia Day, the brother duo behind Pints of Perth decided to launch their own version to pay tribute and bring attention to the WA craft beer scene.

Founder of Pints of Perth and one half of the brother duo, Casey Kocken shared the
launch today via social media, a project he along with his brother Michael had
envisioned when they first set up the blog.

“When I set up the blog, Michael and I bounced around a few ideas about the content and goals. We settled on a couple of core ideas to differentiate ourselves as a blog but also really pay tribute to the fantastic craft beer scene in WA, which is the whole aim of Pints of Perth.

The first idea was an up to date directory of every craft brewery in WA, bibbulmun track– which we did with the Perth Craft Brewery Beer Crawl. The final idea was to set up a vote through our blog and networks to select a WA beer of the year.

“We are massive fans of the GABS hottest 100 but this past year’s results for WA were
pretty disappointing. It was the fuel for the fire that we needed to finally set up our own
vote – together with the support of the awesome WA breweries that we set out to

“We realised that the tyranny of distance, such an iconic issue of sorts for WA
was to blame for the poor showing in the GABS poll, basically WA beers aren’t getting
into the hands of the masses on the east coast and our beers struggle to rank in a
popular voting system. So, in even more iconic WA fashion we said bugger the east
coast – let’s start our own and crown a WA beer of the year, then Michael chimed in and
said let’s do it on WA day and here we are.”

Voting for the WA Beer of the Year has opened, and can be done online via the Pints of
Perth blog. Through the awards Pints of Perth are hoping to give some love to the WA
craft beer scene and give both smaller brewers a chance to get a people’s choice award
and give the WA beer aficionado a chance to vote for their favourite. We think the WA
Beer of the Year award will not only look good in the pool room, but give WA brewers
something to market their beers with.

“We notice that bottle shops around Australia often put little stickers for the GABS rated
beers and we would like to have the same result for our poll. It would be awesome to
head down to our favourite bottle shop and see some WA beers with their WA beer of
the year rankings to help us and other #beersnobs choose their next brew.

“To that end we are also giving the public a chance to shout out to their local and
choose their favourite bottle shop.”

Pints of Perth are in discussions with local breweries to hold a reveal party on WA Day
but are open to discussions. They have also received support from local breweries to
provide their list of beers but also share the new WA beer of the year vote across social

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