Planning change leads to Seasonal Brewing

When it comes to the ethos of WA’s newest brewery, its name says it all.

The Seasonal Brewing Company will produce its first beers in a few days in anticipation of an official launch as soon as is practicable.

Those initial products will have a winter feel, and in a couple of months there will be the taste of autumn on offer at the suburban Perth operation.

As the title above the venue door suggests, the operation inside is in the seasonal beer business.

So the mastermind of the recipes, Brody Watts, is on the look-out for local produce that befits the calendar.

“We want to brew seasonally-appropriate beers that are big, flavoursome and use ingredients that are ripe for the time of the year,” Watts said while performing a final test of his new three-vessel 15-hectolitre Spark kit.

“There is spring and summer coming up so we might like to do a Red Ale and then try some sours when it gets hotter.

“We’ll change as we need to but the plan is to brew seasonally relevant beers. That will mean sourcing local ingredients as they become available.

“And we’ll be looking at seconds markets, too. While they might not be aesthetically pleasing for consumers, they are perfectly fine for use in brewing. The flavours they produce are just the same as you would get from those in the supermarket except they don’t want them because they don’t look good. That doesn’t bother us.”

The final touches are being made to The Seasonal Brewing Company’s premises which is 4km from Perth’s Central Business District in the northern suburb of Maylands.

The area is undergoing gentrification and the new brewery and restaurant that is licensed for 300 people will also capitalise on a new State Government initiative to promote urban infill.

Seasonal is a two-minute walk from Maylands Train Station, which in turn is two stops from the centre of the city. But the WA Planning department wants more people living near inner city transport hubs and have granted licences to property developers – and has released state-owned land – to build multi-storey accommodation near rail lines.

The policy has seen apartment complexes spring up around the station, significantly increasing population density near the brewery.

“We have Lyric Lane opening next door and that will be a live music venue, bar and café which is completely separate but we hope that both us can capitalise on the growth in the area,” Watts said.

“Anyone from Maylands that wants to go from the Peninsula to the city has to come out through Guildford Road and with the train station that means there is a lot of traffic that will be going past.

“There is already a good sense of community in Maylands and we hope to be a part of that feel as well.”

Maylands Station is also one stop from East Perth where there is easy walking access to the 60,000-seat Optus Stadium, which is rapidly becoming one of the busiest multi-purpose venues in the Southern Hemisphere.

Watts moves to Seasonal after a couple of summers, springs, autumns and winters at Indian Ocean Brewing Company in the far northern Perth suburb of Mindarie. He also had a stint at Homestead Brewery in the Swan Valley.

And while he will handle the beer production, the greater 18-tap hospitality venue is the brainchild of businessman Nick Southwell with strong support from Michael Cheang and Daniel Sterpini.

And while he will handle the beer production, the greater 18-tap hospitality venue is the brainchild of businessman Nick Southwell with strong support from Michael Cheang and Daniel Sterpini, who will specifically handle the food side of the premises.

“We’ve got some good experience behind Seasonal, which is important at this point in time,” Watts said.

Watts will initially work on 1000 to 2000-litre single batches with a steady turnover as ingredients come into season.

But he promises his new venture will also have lagers and pale ales to satisfy as many customers as possible.

The Seasonal Brewing Company
175 Guildford Road, Maylands, WA, 6051

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