Prawns and mango salsa

Deborah Harrison

Deborah Harrison

Drink Beer Be Healthy is Deborah Harrison’s mantra. The nutritionist is passionate about educating people that a healthy lifestyle need not mean cutting out the things you love. This is the first of her monthly columns for Australian Brews News.You can read our earlier interview with Deb here.

According to history, the oldest written recipes by mankind were for the making of beer. So with that in mind it makes sense to match my simple-to-make recipe of the month with a great beer style.

Pilsner is a light colour with hints of herbal or floral spice and a clean, zesty, refreshing crisp beer finish. This beer style is perfect for so many dishes but my personal match is with prawns and mango salsa – perfect as we head into summer and sunny days.

Why prawns? Prawns are an excellent source of high-quality protein and several important vitamins and minerals that support your good health. Prawns are also low in calories and contain no carbohydrates. Pair this with a big healthy green salad which provides excellent sources of fibre, and we have a complete dish the body will thank you for.

I am not however suggesting you now drink copious amounts of beers to accompany this dish, but rather that enjoying a few great beers with great food, made with love, is OK.

Here are three of my Pilsner picks:
1. Temple Powerstance Pilsner
2. Weihenstephaner Pils
3. Hawkers Pilsner

Prawn and mango salsa photoPrawns and Mango Salsa
Green prawns 500gms
1 x large mango
Fresh mint chopped
Lime juice squeezed
½ to 1tsp Sweet Chilli Sauce (optional and to taste)
Spinach or Rocket (as side salad or create any other greens-based salad – half the plate should be salad)

Method – (10 minutes to prepare and eat)
Prepare thegreen prawns first (500gms for 2 people if a main course or 4 people for entree size). Peel, de-vein etc.
Next get a large mango chop up into bite sized pieces, mix in a chopped handful of mint, a squeeze of lime juice and if want to add this, a 1/2 to 1 tsp of sweet chilli sauce for a bit of kick. Mix carefully together. Add baby spinach or rocket for added fibre.
In a frying pan lightly oiled, pop in the green prawns, season with a little salt and pepper. Cooking timewill only take a few minutes.

Serves 4 – enjoy!

The next ‘Drink Beer Be Healthy’ programs are starting soon, so book your place today. Get your mind and body ready for summer and the silly season!

Have a group of friends or work colleagues that would like to be healthier and still enjoy a beer or two? There is a way. Email deb@livelifeyou.comto find out about the‘Drink Beer Be Healthy’ program. Available to run at your workplace and currently underway at Temple Brewery in Melbourne.

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