Prof Pilsner takes 'The Man Challenge': Week 5

Pete Mitcham

Pete Mitcham

Halfway! I’m not sure what I thought I’d be feeling at this point and I honestly can’t remember what results I might have guessed I’d be seeing before the program started. What I am feeling is particularly satisfied with my results thus far and certainly thinking far more positively towards the program at this point.

This is, in part at least, due to the fact that the program is the brainchild of a former professional sportsman who, as Adam himself declares, had access to every new best practice, every fad and new-fangled gym equipment and the opportunity to learn the pros and cons of each newly promoted training method. As a result, The Man Challenge has features that are essentially ‘tried and tested’ and specifically designed to help blokes achieve realistic results.

Here are this week’s thoughts.

Week 5 Diary Entry.

“This week I learned a couple of valuable lessons. First, The Man Challenge is actually not a weight loss program. That’s right, it’s not a weight loss program. Rather, it’s a gut loss program. It’s about dropping kilos, sure, but it’s aimed at realising the specific danger that ‘gut fat’ poses to men’s health. And suddenly this week a lot of things made a lot of sense. This means that The Man Challenge is different to most other programs on the market.

The Man Challenge online interface

The Man Challenge online interface

It’s one thing to feel and see the results of your exertions but it’s quite another to keenly anticipate the next day’s workout or to check a few days ahead in the calendar to ensure that the daily step count can be achieved. To be prepping meals days ahead to ensure you can maintain the intake of protein, carbs and good oils and fats. Hang on; have I just become subconsciously aware of my intake of protein, carbs and good oils and fats?

I’m really enjoying the way this thing is making me feel, think and act. As the old adage goes; “Excellence is a habit, not an action. What started as a series of new habits is fast becoming a natural part of my daily routine. Except for all the beers.

Can you tell I’ve achieved a 100% ‘buy-in’ to this Man Challenge caper? Remembering that I originally opted for this gig – and to lay my soul bare with the results – to test the claim; ‘Lose the beer gut without losing all the beers!’ Skeptical as I was in some areas of the program, I can now safely say that I would proudly be ‘that guy’ who does the glowing testimonial for the late night TV ads.”

What I learned this week.

The body finds it difficult to distinguish between hunger and thirst so, at times when I’ve found the stomach growling, rather than adding an extra snack – or worse – a glass of water has done the trick.

What else I learned this week.

No, really, I can’t do push ups.

Starting Weight – 89 kgs Week 5 Weigh up – 80 kgs. Get that into ya!

Starting Waist – 38 inches Week 5 Waist measure – 38 inches. Yeah. Still work to do here.

Weight loss so far 9kgs

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