Prof Pilsner takes 'The Man Challenge': Week 9

Pete Mitcham

Pete Mitcham

Heading into the final stage of The Man Challenge and, while the workouts are increasing in intensity – and rest times are decreasing – the degree of difficulty has not risen greatly. An increased fitness level and a newfound dogged determination to complete each workout means that I have managed to keep pace with, and even keep ahead of, the workout challenges.

Week 9 Diary Entry.

“Much of this week, and the last, has been spent thinking about the program coming to an end. There is a definite sense of sadness that the 10 weeks are almost up but this is balanced by the feeling that I have taken a positive step towards learning how to ‘make a better me’. The workouts have become habit. Each morning the 10 minute workout is knocked over after breakfast and morning chores and a few extra minutes walking the Littlest Pilsner to school results in adding a few kilometres to the weekly total without seeming to take any extra time or effort.

Meals have also become a far more healthy habit and, while I have always cooked fresh food from scratch I have become far more aware of the How, What, When and Why of eating to develop a better sense of how my eating habits and exercise effect my metabolism and overall fitness.”

What I learned this week.

The program is a little more expensive than I thought it would be. I had not planned for the fact that I will now need to spend quite a bit of coin replacing many articles of clothing in my wardrobe. Also, it can be both a very proud and very embarrassing moment at the same time when you suddenly become aware of your weight loss because your trousers fall down around you ankles after you have removed your belt going through airport security.

What else I learned this week.

I am still very shit at push ups. In fact, I very don’t like push ups but am determined to conquer this enemy. I am coming for you, push ups. This includes Incline, Rotational, Decline, Pike, Release, Close Grip, Wide Grip, Clap and Plank Push ups. The whole lotta yas.

Starting Weight – 89 kgs Week 9 Weigh up – 77 kilos. Another kilo down.

Starting Waist – 38 inches Week 9 Waist measure – 36.5 inches Hmmm? Maybe I’d subconsciously ‘held it in’ a bit last week? Clothes still fitting much better.

Weight loss so far 12kgs

Inches lost so far 8.5 inches.

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