Professor Pilsner takes 'The Man Challenge'

My man Challenge

Part One

Having decided to take the plunge and do something positive to improve my physical health and lose a bit of weight at the same time I began considering options. There are plenty of programs and diet plans and home delivered meals on the market and I’ve never been in the least bit interested in any of them. I’m handy enough in the kitchen to buy, prep and cook meals so no issue there.

As for gyms, I’ve tried and failed. I’m just not the gym type. Never will be. With the added time commitment of getting there, warming up, working out, cooling down and getting home – not to mention the cost – I’m out. So where to from here?

My interest was attracted to a single, simple tagline on a sponsored post that popped up on my Facebook feed. “Lose the beer gut without losing all the beers.” Say that again? Without giving up the beers, you say? Well, I have to say that I’m at least interested. It was something I thought I’d heard of before but couldn’t honestly say I call recall as a fitness program.THE MAN CHALLENGE (1)

The Man Challenge is the brainchild of former Rugby League champion and fitness guru, Adam MacDougall and was conceived after the premature death – at 42 years of age – of his best mate, Dennis. A gut that was something of a joke among the man’s friends became the catalyst for a heart attack that took the father of three way too early. As a dad of three girls I can relate to that in spades.

So, having decided to give this plan the once-over my mind began racing; Can I commit to ten weeks? Yeah, probably. A quick check of the calendar tells me the ten weeks will include four days of the Craft Brewers Conference and The Ekka – twelve days of pouring beers to the grateful visitors to Brisbane’s annual agricultural show. Can I physically keep up with the exercise plan? Ten minutes a day? Just bring it. Can I have a fair old crack at maintaining the meal plan? Shit yeah. Easy. Even at The Ekka? Shut up stupid inner voice! OK, that bit might be a bit more difficult but I’m still giving it a crack. Do I really think this plan will be any better/more effective/doable than any other?

I’ll be honest here. I am somewhat sceptical but there are a few dot points I’ll list now which make me think it’s certainly a better proposition than most of the others on offer. Enough to sell me on it, anyway:

  • Ten minutes exercise, six days a week.
  • Three meals a day plus two snack meals.
  • No equipment necessary.
  • No large space requirement.
  • Designed for blokes who are time-poor.
  • No gym membership.
  • Various exercise options to cater for varying levels of fitness and/or injury.
  • Exercise videos on laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • Don’t have to give up the beers.
  • Cost of around $2 per day for ten weeks.

Next week, Prof starts the journey. Stay tuned for the results

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