Queensland CDS scheme lowers prices

Container deposit schemes have been rolled out across Australian states over recent years, with Tasmania one of the last to announce plans earlier this year.

They have been a point of contention in a number of states, with major stakeholders excluded from consultation in Victoria and an inadvertent release of data in NSW which called into question the efficacy of the programmes.

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Sustainability recycling cans crushedQueensland’s beverage manufacturing industry will gain some financial relief when Container Exchange (COEX) lowers the scheme price on containers of all material types later this year.

From 1 August 2021, the cost to Beverage Manufacturers will reduce on average by almost one cent per container sold across all material types in the Containers for Change scheme.

The price reduction that has resulted from this scheme price review has materialised despite the positive overall scheme performance.

This includes the effect the continuing upward trend in container collection rates across Queensland has had on operational costs.

The most recent scheme price change came into effect in February this year but will be reduced by 0.9 cents per container when it takes effect in August 2021.

Ken Noye is the chief executive of Container Exchange, the not-for-profit organisation that administers the Containers for Change scheme.

Mr Noye said the decision would return funds back to the beverage manufacturers and by providing the beverage industry with the appropriate notice, should have positive effects on prices for the Queensland customer.

“Container Exchange has always been committed to providing a low and stable price for beverage manufacturers, with only two previous price rises since the scheme began in November 2018,” said Mr Noye.

“This reduction will present beverage manufacturers with a price correction that will ultimately lower the cost of their products.

“The price reduction reflects the significantly higher than expected beverage sales volumes during the second half of 2020, which was built on over the traditionally busy Christmas and New Year period.

“The scheme price reduction is our way of returning funds back to the beverage manufacturers and provides the best opportunity for these cost changes to flow to the Queensland customer.

“We expect to continue to keep the scheme price as low and as stable as possible.

“However we do wish to note the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic can impact those decisions.”

The industry’s scheme contribution is critical to the operation, administration and governance of the Containers for Change scheme in Queensland, with all funds going toward the cost of collecting, sorting and recycling of more than 3.5 billion beverage containers.

This recycling effort has contributed to a 54% decrease in beverage container litter in the Queensland environment since the scheme began in November 2018.

COEX will provide a further update for any future scheme price changes in late 2021. Visit https://containerexchange.com.au/partners/beverage-manufacturers/ for further details.

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