‘Queer Beer’ launched in fight for marriage equality

L-R: The Australian Sex Party's Nevena Spirovska & Fiona Patten

L-R: The Australian Sex Party’s Nevena Spirovska & Fiona Patten

The Australian Sex Party has launched Queer Beer, brewed to celebrate and raise funds for its campaign in favour of marriage equality.

Brewed and bottled in collaboration with UBrewIt, Queer Beer is a crisp, Australian-style pale ale featuringmalted wheat and a concoction of fruity hops, Australian Sex Party federalsecretary Nevena Spirovskatold Australian Brews News.

“Rumour has it you can even taste a touch of rainbow,” she said.

Spirovska said her party had decided beer was the best platform to get its message across because it is “something of a national drink”.

“We were thinking of a way to celebrate marriage equality that wasn’t another petition, that wasn’t just another policy, that wasn’t just someone saying the same old lines,” she said.

Queer Beer

Queer Beer is launched at Sex Party HQ

“We thought we’d be a bit proactive because we know marriage equality is going to get to Australia and we’re hoping by the very force of this beer that it is going to be here sooner rather than later, and that people are going to be able to ‘cheers’ it all over the nation with a Queer Beer.”

Profits from every Queer Beer sold will go directly to Kaleidoscope Australia – an organisation dedicated to advancing the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

The beer is packaged with each individual bottle showing a different colour of the pride rainbow. It will be launched at the upcoming Poof Doof event in Melbourne.

“We’ve started off small but we’re going to dream big,” Spirovska said.

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