Radio Brews News 135

This week is a special edition of Radio Brews News as Pete Mitcham and James Atkinson report from Independent Brewers Association Conference in Adelaide. Firstly they catch up with conference speaker with Ina Versti about craft and independence, then they catch up with Craft Beer Awards judges  Jayne Lewis, Richard Watkins and Aaron Heary to get some feedback on this year’s competition..

Ina Verstl

Dr Ina Verstl is a journalist, researcher and co-author of Beer Monopoly. After completing her doctorate, Ina worked as a press officer with the Munich Fair Trade Corporation before turning to freelance journalism. Ina is currently a special feature writer for Brauwelt International and lectures internationally at events and meet-ups in the brewing industry.

Jayne Lewis

Jayne is the co-founder of Two Birds Brewing and started her career at the Little Creatures Brewery in Perth where she learnt to brew. Off the back of creating her iconic brewery, Jayne has also been an active member and judge of the Craft Beer Industry Association and it’s awards.

Richard Watkins

Richard is the co-owner and head brewer of BentSpoke Brewing Co in Canberra. Richard has been brewing for 18 years, previously working with award winning brewery Wig & Pen before starting his own venture. He is an active member and judge of the Craft Beer Industry Association and it’s awards.

Aaron Heary

Aaron Heary is the Chief Operations Officer at Gage Roads Brewing Co in WA and is also a judge and member of the Craft Beer Industry Association. Aaron previously worked with Little Creatures before its sale and spent a lengthy period of time exploring international beer markets before starting at Gage Roads.


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