Radio Brews News - Special Edition - Brewers & Growers

This special edition of Radio Brews News features a discussion panel that took place back in May during Good Beer Week called Brewers and Growers.

It features an expert panel of guests, including Rupanyup farmer and Grain Producers Australia chairman Andrew Weidemann, Owen Johnston from Hop Products Australia and a great panel of brewers including Grant Wearin from Modus Operandi, Andrew Ong from 2 Brothers, Sean Simons from White Lakes Brewery and Brad Rogers from Stone & Wood. The panel looked at the issues facing both growers supplying the craft beer sector, and the ingredient needs of craft brewers.

The panel was chaired by Katherine McLean from the Craft Beer Industry Association.

It’s a open discussion with plenty of forthright opinions from the panel and especially from the floor.

Australian Brews News was honoured to get to present the discussion, and it is a great listen.

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