Recall for Cola Sour

Melbourne’s Tallboy and Moose is recalling its Nice Cola Sour Beer.

The beer has been available at BWS, Dan Murphy’s and independent liquor stores in Victoria, and the recall pertains to products with date markings of best before 24/05/22 and 27/05/22.

The recall, announced on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website and Tallboy and Moose’s social media channels, is due to the potential for alcohol to exceed marked alcohol content and possibility the can might rupture due to a secondary fermentation.

“Essentially, we found that there was some refermentation happening in some cans,” explained Steven Germain, director and co-founder at Tallboy and Moose.

“We have library stock cold stored and not cold stored and we look at the stock regularly and in this instance we found that the final gravity of the beer was moving after it had been packaged.”

The beer was canned and released around 1st September.

“So we just wanted to be on the front foot and get ahead of it before it became a potential issue and we recalled the stock,” he told Brews News.

Tallboy and Moose has undertaken a quick and efficient recall of the product, which is available at some Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores in Melbourne as well as some independent liquor stores, also in Melbourne but others in regional Victoria as well.

“The Endeavour Group, they’re super switched on and swift so we touched base with them and their quality control manager said they would have it off the shelves in two hours which is amazing.

“Those locations are all taken care of at this stage, our sales reps are out and about and we expect to have all the beer picked up by the end of the day.

“It’s been a quick and snappy process which is great.”

Tallboy and Moose has been following IBA recall guidelines to ensure the safety of customers.

“If cans were to rupture, that could be a safety issue. That’s really what we want to prevent,” Germain explained.

“I think for small breweries in particular there is the potential to ‘wait and see’, and to think ‘maybe it will be ok’, because it is an expensive process. You refund customers, we’ve invested time and effort into producing a product, but making the decision is important when it’s a safety issue.

“In the small brewing industry, and in the Australian craft beer industry, quality is something that gets discussed often enough amongst industry people and we do take quality seriously.

“There are instances where we’ve had to dump beer before, most breweries have, however there are circumstances where something does get out of the brewery that has potential for an issue to arise down the track and people need to act accordingly.

“People are respectful of making that decision, it’s not easy to make but people appreciate when you’re trying to do the right thing.”

Customers should contact Tallboy and Moose to return the product.

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