Scenic Rim Council backs regional brewers

Scenic Rim Regional Council is the latest local authority to champion craft beer at its latest Eat Local Week.

For the event, Scenic Rim Brewery has launched their Beauty & Blue Spiced Pumpkin Ale in collaboration with Stuart Oppermann from Oppy’s Fruit and Veg shop in Boonah.

It’s intended to be a unique spin on a traditional pale ale using locally grown Beaudesert blue pumpkins.

Ipswich-based 4Hearts Brewing has also got involved, teaming up with Kalfresh Vegetables to launch their Wabbit Saison Carrot Beer at the event, which was first developed in 2015 as a way to reduce food waste by using ‘wonky’, out-of-spec carrots.

4Hearts’ head brewer Kenneth Friend incorporated carrot mash into the brewing process – and it’s 25 per cent carrot in a Belgian-style saison.

It’s just the latest council to back its region’s craft brewers, after Whalebone Brewing received regional government funding to back its expansion last week.

Genevieve Windley, regional events and promotions coordinator at Scenic Rim Regional Council spoke to Brews News and said it was important for councils to support the brewing industry in their region.

“From an economic development and tourism perspective, councils are keen to support our tourism offering and we find microbreweries like Scenic Rim are a great fit to our offering,” she said.

“If you want to climb a mountain or see the sights and then call into the brewery and chat to Mike and hear the story of the brewery, it rounds out your experience.”

Part of the interest in breweries, Windley said, was that craft brewers in particular can cater to everyone.

“It’s not just for beer enthusiasts, it’s a very accessible experience. Breweries like Scenic Rim have done a great job – you can go in for a meal, or a coffee and cake – they cater to everyone while being anchored in brewing.”

Breweries are being supported nationwide by their councils, she said.

“Councils are becoming more open [to the brewing industry]. There are always challenges with planning, but those things get worked view and from economic development perspective councils everywhere are becoming more supportive of these types of business setting up.”

Beauty & Blue Spiced Pumpkin Ale is available at the Scenic Rim Brewery now, whilst Wabbit Saison Carrot Beer will be available on tap and in cans at The Pumpyard Bar & Brewery in Ipswich.

Both will be on offer at the Winter Harvest Festival at Scenic Rim Eat Local Week, which starts on 29th June.

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