SEA Brew more interactive than ever

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At SEA Brew 2022, the global BarthHaas® group will be hosting free guided tastings of their Inspiration Range. The four new beverage concepts feature innovative hop products like SPECTRUM.

As Australia’s leading hop grower and regional representative of BarthHaas®, HPA supply a huge range of consistently high-quality local, international and innovative hop products so you can make consistently high-quality beers. Their team of experts in hop breeding, growing, harvesting and processing are dedicated to helping brewers become more efficient and more profitable by delivering maximum impact in beer year after year.

The global BarthHaas® group will be presenting their Inspiration Range at SEA Brew 2022. Asia’s only annual Conference and Trade Fair continues to be THE place for brewers and distributors across the continent to understand the latest innovations in ingredients, processes and equipment.

This year, SEA Brew will see more interactive sessions than ever before as the organisers seek greater opportunities for collaboration between delegates, presenters and exhibitors. “We are mindful of the changing face of conferences” said Director Charles Guerrier. “Since the pandemic, organisers have noticed a drop in engagement levels. We want to ensure our program has maximum impact and delegates leave energized with new tools to drive their businesses forward” remarks Guerrier. “SEA Brew should be a platform for sharing both innovative and tried-and-tested ideas.”

Hops will be at the centre of these interactive sessions with a sensory workshop from BarthHaas® featuring their Inspiration Range. Their Brewing Solutions Team will present four non-alcoholic hop-based beverages in a sensory tasting session. Attendees will have the opportunity to try:

1. Hop water

Light citrus, herb and pine flavours from Spectrum Citra® combined with an infusion of chamomile, stevia for sweetness, and green tea for antioxidants. Finally, a touch of Cascade and Willamette PHA® Top Note to finish.

2. Hop tonic water

Subtle, light-stable bitterness from RediHop® in place of quinine, and Cascade PHA® Top Note for a fresh grassy aroma and light refreshing cucumber flavours.

3. Kombucha

A green and black tea base combined with Callista and Huell Melon LUPOMAX® for citrus and elderflower aromas and sweet red fruit flavours.

4. Non-alcoholic beer

Incognito®, Spectrum and LUPOMAX® for Mosaic®, Citra® and Ariana aromas and flavours combined with MartinBauer orange and grapefruit essence, guarana seed and ginseng root for an energetic zing and a caffeine boost.

There will also be a strong emphasis on the business of beer, with workshops on product premiumisation, digital marketing and the use of KPI’s to measure business success.

SEA Brew 2022 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 27-28 October, with Brews News’ coverage of the conference proudly brought to you by HPA. Click here for more information about HPA’s range of innovative hop products, or contact your local HPA sales rep here.

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