Seltzer flavours recalled

product recall

Moon Dog Craft Brewery has recalled its Fizzer Seltzer Summer Berry and Grape flavours due to unintended secondary fermentation.

The affected batches, labelled best before 01/08/23, 02/08/23 and 30/08/23, are the brewery’s Summer Berry and Grape flavours, which are available in mixed 10-packs.

“We’re recalling our Summer Berry & Grape 6% Fizzer Seltzer found in our 6% Mixed 10 Packs due to secondary fermentation which can increase the alcohol content and carbonation of the product,” a Moon Dog spokesperson said.

“If you have already consumed a Summer Berry or Grape 6% Fizzer with these best before dates there is no danger or risk to you and the three other flavours in the mixed pack are not affected by this.

“If you have Summer Berry or Grape 6% cans with the above best before dates please dispose of these, food standards stipulate that food products containing excess alcohol and carbonation may cause illness/injury if consumed.”

A number of recent product recalls, including pale ales, XPAs and other beer styles, have identified fermentation issues as problematic for brewers.

The Independent Brewers Association launched its beer recall information pack to aid businesses through the product recall process.

For further information on the recall, customers should contact Moon Dog at

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