Sierra Nevada backs Gose style

Sierra Nevada is adding a Gose to its bottled range, brewery ambassador Steve Grossman revealed, when asked to name the next beer style that might take off in the US.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez is “a gose-style ale brewed with prickly pear cactus and grapefruit”.

“It’s a drinkable style,” Grossman told Australian Brews News on his recent visit to the country.

He pointed to a recent article by Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson identifying Gose – a sour, salty wheat beer style with its origins in Germany – as a “potential breakout star” within the sour category.

“[But] nothing’s going to displace IPA for a long time, it’s just too flavourful,” Grossman conceded.

At the recent Sierra Nevada showcase in Sydney, Grossman said the company could have been quicker to anticipate the rapid growth of India Pale Ale as a style.

Released in 1981, he said the brewery’s Celebration Ale was one of the first IPAs to go on national release in the US, but it never moved beyond being a seasonal.

“We were a little conservative, we were a little behind when we got the Torpedo out, we should have got an IPA for the mass market a bit sooner,” he said.

“We relied on Pale Ale.”

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