SmartSensory launches new sensory program

SmartSensory Pty Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary program “SmartSensory”, which is designed to help craft breweries start and run their sensory program with ease. This innovative program is the first of its kind in the craft beer market, combining five key pillars – coaching, a web app, flavour standards, community, and certification – to provide a comprehensive and streamlined approach to sensory program management.

The SmartSensory program offers craft breweries a unique opportunity to improve their product quality, as well as help the staff hone in their sensory skills. The program also fosters a sense of community among its users, connecting them with other craft breweries and industry experts, and providing opportunities for certification.

“We are thrilled to introduce SmartSensory to the Australian craft beer industry,” said Steve ‘Hendo’ Henderson, CEO of SmartSensory. “Our program is designed to make sensory program management easy, efficient, and effective for craft breweries of all sizes. We believe that by providing a comprehensive solution that focuses on VDK, True-to-Brand, and Flavour Recognition methods, we can help craft breweries improve their products and processes, increase the training of their staff, and ultimately, grow their business.”

To showcase the capabilities of the SmartSensory program, the company is hosting a live webinar on 7 February 2023 @ 11am AEDST. The webinar will provide a detailed demonstration of the program and its features, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how the program can benefit their brewery. To register for the webinar, visit 

One of SmartSensory’s foundation clients is Callum Reeves, the CEO of South East Brewing Company, makers of KAIJU! Beer. When asked about the impact of SmartSensory on the brewery, Reeves said “SmartSensory is great. It’s been really encouraging to see the staff growing and learning, as well as seeing beer quality improvements across the board. We are much more confident to be able to spot any off flavours before the beer is released. SmartSensory is very useful for the “Go – No Go” for beer production. Our Panellists are not just the brewers, which means that all staff can take part and have a say in beer quality outcomes.  This ensures that they will be able to spot faults and confidently speak up about the beers and talk more about them in trade.”

Visit the website ( and sign up today for next week’s webinar. Hendo says, “The best part of SmartSensory is that you can have your brewery’s sensory program up and running within 14 days.” Reeves says, “True to brand is critical to our brand as we want our brand promise to be delivered whenever someone picks up a can and drinks a pint of our beer!”

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