Spark releases new all-in-one brewhouse

Spark-300-ASpark Brew Engineering has released a new model of small batch brewhouse to the Australian market, fresh from filing a patent for the technology in recent weeks.

The Spark 300 and Spark 600 produce six keg or 12 keg batches of high quality beer easily, precisely and repeatedly, Spark Brew founder Julian Sanders told Australian Brews News.

“The novel stacked offset two vessel system makes good use of gravity and smart controls to give brewers accurate and comfortable control over every stage of the brewing process – not only a complete compact brewhouse, it also provides control for fermentation and serving tanks,” he said.

“Sparge water is heating as it flows in through the jacket, so there is no need for a hot liquor tun. Adjustable whirlpool temperature for improved hop flavour and good grain out ergonomics are other improvements offered by this machine’s design.

“It has two heat exchangers, a pump and an oxygenation assembly built in and features a digital touch screen control system that can be operated remotely by mobile device,” said Sanders.

Spark-300-BHe said the global patent application for the design was filed in Switzerland in May after a year of development work and patent space searching, to keep clear of technology recently developed by several American companies.

“It is at the right price and the right size for a any professional brewing business that respects beer quality and flavour,” he said.

“By controlling the complete process of brewing, fermenting and serving on site – it works well in the low risk brewpub business model or for a small packaging and distributing business.”

For further details contact Julian Sanders at Spark Brew Engineering on 0468 363 405 or

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