Stomping Ground open on Fridays

Stomping_Ground_Logo_‘Returning to your old stomping ground’ is as Australian a concept as mateship, “the shout”, thumbing your nose at authority and long weekends. Australians have always had a sense of place, somewhere from which we all come and in which we feel welcome irrespective of where we are now. Returning to family, keeping in touch, a ‘home base’, if you will, is a cherished feeling.

Embracing this theme – despite not yet “quite ready to open officially” – are the team at Stomping Ground Brewery who this week announced the start of a weekly event; Knock off Fridays”. The brewery has been producing medal-winning beers for a while now under the watchful eye of Ashur Hall but the bar and hospitality area is still under construction.

But, as is often the way of the team who have brought us The Local Taphouse and GABS Festivals, sharing the love and creating a place where all feel welcome is as much an attitude as it is a promise.

“Knock off Fridays“ will see the venue open for six hours every Friday with beers aplenty on tap and Mr Burger food truck providing some sustenance.

“stomping ground”
stomp·ing ground (stŏm′pĭng, stôm′-)
n “A customary territory or favourite gathering place”.

What: ‘Knock off Fridays’
When: 4pm-10pm all Fridays in July.
What: a pop up bar around the tanks featuring Mr Burger food truck, good times and of course, brewery fresh beer.
Where: Stomping Ground Brewing Co – 100 Gipps Street Collingwood 3066

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