Stone & Wood debuts The Gatherer

The Gatherer

The Gatherer, an American Wheat Beer with cucumber, mint and watermelon, is out now from Stone & Wood.

The 2017 summer seasonal is five per cent ABV with Helga and Galaxy hops on a malt base comprising Weyermann Pils and wheat.

The Gatherer moniker is inspired by early brewing practices of using a variety of local ingredientsin the production of beers.

It is the new identity for Stone & Wood’s summer seasonal, previously known as The Forager, which is brewed with a different recipe each year.

“Last year when we released it, we didn’t realise another independent brewer had used ‘The Forager’ for one of their batch releases a few years ago,” Stone & Wood said.

“They were cool and let us know, so for our 2017 release we changed the name.”

The beer will be available on tap and in pack next week and can be purchased direct from Stone & Wood’s online store.

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