Stone & Wood launches Fixation Brewing Co

Fixation Brewing Co. is fixated on one thing, making the best IPA’s possible. Its backed by people who know beer and fronted by a man who has a fanatical obsession with the style. The three founders of Stone & Wood had an inkling that there was room in the Australian beer landscape for a beer business that is purely focused on well made, fresh American style IPA.

They’ve all been kicking around the world of beer for a fair while now, and over the years have had the chance to drink, taste and experience a lot of beers and beer styles as well as visiting a lot breweries and “beer regions” around the world. The rise and rise of IPA in the USA is something they’ve been watching for a long time, and admire how it has now entrenched itself in the modern world of beer over there.
Having spent more time on the West Coast of the USA in 2015 they had some fantastically fresh examples of classic West Coast IPAs. They chatted about how good they can be when fresh and how disappointing they can be with some age on them, and as a consequence we aren’t always seeing them at their best in Australia. That had to change.


They started looking around for someone who could take the idea and run with it, someone who shared their belief and admiration of the style, but had their own wild passion and enthusiasm for IPA.

Enter Tom Delmont!

Tom Delmont started working in the good beer industry in 2007 and has been a larger than life figure for many years in the local beer industry since. Tom has a dream to see more great pubs and bars of Australia serving super fresh IPA just bursting with juicy hops.

You’ll see Tom in the brew house sniffing huge bags of hops, banging on the doors of pubs, ranting and raving about IPA’s in bars, sipping the latest samples from the US, and filling the web up with his ramblings about his favourite hop varieties.

He’s obsessed with great IPA. Some would call it a Fixation.

Hops! We love them! Everything about the magical flower and the compounds within that give great beer a lot of its aroma, flavour and bitterness. With our Fixation IPA we take hopping rates to a higher level. Four different new world hop varieties have gone into our IPA at all stages of the brewing process to lend a big juicy, fruity aroma, robust flavour and firm bitterness. There is a clean pale malt backbone with a few specialty malts for good measure, just enough to carry the ridiculously large hopping regime! This beer is for people with great taste, who love a modern day classic IPA!


The fine print

Fixation Brewing Co. is proudly part of the Stone & Wood family and Tom happily works in the brewery with the team when brewing his IPA. Fixation is going to be solely an IPA brewing operation, focused on getting the best hop forward beers in the hands of Australian beer lovers. Square Keg will be distributing Fixation Brewing Co. beers.

The first batch of Fixation IPA is due for release in keg only in very limited quantities from December 14th. Fixation Brewing Co. are aiming to produce limited quantities of bottled IPA starting March 2016.
The stuff we need to know!


A backbone of American Breiss pale and munich malts, with just a few German specialty malts thrown in to mostly to enhance the colour:

Briess Pale, Briess Caramel Munich, Weyermann Vienna and Weyermann Carared Hops

Of course it’s all about new world US hop varieties for that fruit punch of citrus, melon and piney aromas, with a balanced bittering grip.

Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo.
IBU: 65 ABV: 6.4%

For all trade enquiries please call or email the following contacts:

Square Keg Managing Partner (National) – Garry Hastings – 0439 341 838 email:
Northern Rivers NSW / SE Qld – Flynn Hannam – 0422 234 037 email: Melbourne / VIC – Luke Tremewen – 0448 818 861 email:

Fixation Brewing Co. – Tom Delmont – 0499 034 200 email:

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