Stone & Wood promotes Garden Ale

GardenAle330mlOur sessionable Summer seasonal has joined Pacific Ale, Lager and Jasper Ale in our core range of beers. From its first release in 2012, it’s quenched the thirsts of beer garden drinkers across the country.

Intended as Stone Beer’s Summer equivalent, we originally added Juniper Berries to the brew instead of hops, paying homage to the way beer was brewed in the middle ages. We had planned to change up the recipe with every Summer that rolled around but when the heat hit in 2014, we had discovered the Ella hop… Ella was so perfect that we scraped all the other hops into a pile in the corner of the brewery and threw the juniper berries on top. So perfect was this hop, that blending it with anything else would only sully its purity. The calm peachy roundness with gentle grapefruit smoothness typifies exactly what a sunny afternoon in a Northern Rivers garden is like.

We held off releasing it further then our backyard beyond the balmy months until we knew we had the capacity. For us good things take time, but this was a hard decision as we knew both punters and our good customers were keen to drink and serve a sessionable beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour .

6x330mL Garden Ale_R2[2] (1)So here we are, just over mid way through 2015 and we are bringing Garden Ale into our core range and making it available across the country, both on tap and in 330ml bottles.

Garden Ale reflects our values and our philosophy of ‘less is more’ as a sessionable beer that’s best enjoyed in your favourite beer garden or at a backyard BBQ with mates. It’s a beer that’s simply good to drink.


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