Styx Brewery for sale

The owners of Newcastle’s Styx Brewery have advised that they are reluctantly putting their brewery up for sale as the result of a family illness.

The brewery opened in 2018 in a former coal testing facility with approvals for food manufacture with associated dwelling.

Co-owner Analee Isbister said through a “very unique and unusual accidental approval” the owners are able to live onsite.

“Yes we do really live on site, ” she said. “We live upstairs and the brewery is downstairs and we overlook this from the balcony.”

“It makes life easy keeping a close eye on the beer. We are living the dream.”

Analee said they operate the venue as a bar as well.

“We do onsite tastings and essentially run it as a bar selling schooners and paddles with cheeseboards/long lunches with a set menu,” she explained.

“There is certainly an opportunity for someone to take this further if they wanted.”

She said the 300 litre system was used to make beers featuring local growers and producers.

“From locally grown cumquats. inspiration from our favourite restaurants and our labels use local artists, we support our local area as much as possible and always give back where we can,” she said.

“Being in industry isn’t really about making huge amounts of money for us its more about enjoying what we brew and not really following trends.”

The property is being marketed through Knight Frank Newcastle, with the prospectus noting the transforming local area.

“Carrington has undergone significant transformation, becoming a trendy and sought-after residential area boasting a mix of heritage-listed properties & modern homes,” it reads.

“The property is surrounded by a range of amenities, including cafes, restaurants and shops providing a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, with public transport well-serviced in the area.”

Analee said the area has developed quickly.

“When we started up the brewery there weren’t many people in the industry and we were one of a small number in Newcastle at the time,” she said.

“Since then there have been quite a few more small breweries open up around Newcastle creating a great vibe for the area.

“With the Newcastle interchange so close and other venues our location is really the key to the success of our business.”

Analee said the brewery is being sold as the couple’s daughter has been diagnosed with leukaemia with the couple focussing on her treatment.

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