Sydney's Sausage Queen takes to brewing

Sydney’s Sausage Factory has added a brewing arm to its business called Sausage Queen Brewing.

Co-founder of Sausage Queen Brewing, Chrissy Flanagan, founded Chrissy’s Cuts an artisanal sausage making company that uses locally sourced ingredients and free range meat. Following pop ups and events at breweries in Sydney’s inner west, Flanagan became known as the Sausage Queen.

Sausage Queen Brewing is currently awaiting DA approval, through a recently changed application process in Sydney’s inner west designed to allow microbrewing in commercial zones.

Chrissy Flanagan said she wasn’t aware of anyone else having been through the new process yet but said that Inner West council has been “very supportive”.

According to Flanagan, the council “know how lucky they are that brewing is at home in the inner west and are very conscious of supporting that in any way they can”.

Sausage Queen beers are currently being brewed on the pilot system at Willie The Boatman.

Sausage Queen Brewing have enlisted three brewers. Jay Cook of Bucket Boys Craft Beer Co, Josh Allen, formerly of Merchant Brewing, and local home brewer, Pete Giugni, will take it in turns to brew. The plan is to bring brewing in-house with a 250 litre capacity kit in the next three months.

Chrissy Flanagan’s partner, Jim, said that it was a conscious decision to brew on nearby pilot systems before investing in a small kit of their own. They did not want to commit to the large minimum volumes required to enter into a contract brewing partnership.

Jim Flanagan said “anything that’s brewed for us is brewed on the right kit by people we trust”.

The intention for the duo is to “grow from the ground up very organically”. The plan is to give the brewers creative freedom but make the brewing schedule “participatory with regulars”, responding to the demands of regular customers of the venue.

The menu at The Sausage Factory is centred around traditional sausages using native Australian ingredients, as well as local craft beer.

Jim Flanagan said that the restaurant was “as much about beer as sausages” from day one”.

Native ingredients will also feature in Sausage Queen beers. In March 2018, the restaurant collaborated with Bucket Boys to release Boss Ale, a hoppy witbier.

Boss Ale will form part of the core line up with hopes that it will become a flagship beer for the restaurant. Alongside Boss Ale will be a lemon myrtle saison and a gose-style beer using red gum smoked salt and native desert lime.

Jim Flanagan said that with sausages and beer being produced in house, they want to make The Sausage Factory “the greatest smelling place on Earth”.

Initially Sausage Queen Brewing will make just enough beer for the restaurant but there are plans to keg and can beers in the future.

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