TakeawayBeer connects brewers and drinkers

The founder of a craft beer resource page has launched TakeawayBeer.com.au to help connect craft beer fans with their local brewery as the industry moves into online sales and deliveries.

Dean Jenkin said that he has been trying to help get the word out about independent craft brewers since 2014 when he launched CraftBreweries.com.au and its sister Instagram account to promote breweries across Australia.

Now that the industry is going through a challenging time due to mandatory venue closures and variable demand, Jenkin wanted to help if he could.

“Breweries are in the same boat as most small businesses across Australia and the world,” he said.

“Doors closing, staff laid off, less stock being sold yet the tsunami of bills from suppliers, telco companies, energy companies, banks and so on are still flooding in, and there is a real possibility that many of our favourite breweries may no longer be in business at the end of this pandemic.”

TakeawayBeer is intended to connect craft beer fans that might still have some disposable income with local breweries, which now may be making most of their revenue through online, takeaway and delivery sales following the mandatory closure of venues due to COVID-19.

“While some breweries are in a stronger financial position than others to weather the storm, most are small family run businesses who, like many of us, have the added pressure of feeding their family while juggling the demands of running a small business which is not an easy task to do at the best of times,” Jenkin said.

He explained that TakeawayBeer is another resource for brewers, on top of initiatives like the Crafty Pint’s #keepinglocalalive and the Happiest Hour app connecting thousands of customers with brewery takeaway offers across the country.

“To help small local family run businesses I say the more campaigns the better. I want all of us to come out the other side of this nightmare with our businesses and families intact,” he said.

“When I am online… I want to get from A to B as fast as possible hence very little reading required on TakeawayBeer – just click on your State then find your local breweries logo, sorted A-Z, then click through to the most relevant information regarding what they are offering, at this point in time, in the form of takeaway beer and/or food, click-and-collect, free local delivery of beer and/or food and in some cases hand sanitiser which I think is a fantastic offering by those breweries.”

Jenkin said he saw the writing on the wall in late February as his wife owns a retail shop, and they began thinking about the necessities of takeaway and click-and-collect.

“Then, as we all know, that scenario became a reality so I decided to create a dedicated website where, with just a few clicks, people could quickly find what their favourite breweries are offering in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Initially I’m trying to get the word out via social media and some of the breweries have been very helpful in assisting with this.

“Currently my other websites list about half of Australia’s independent breweries.

“Provided a brewery is independent they can click here https://takeawaybeer.com.au/list-your-brewery to submit their details and I will list their business for free.”

Find out more and get involved with TakeawayBeer.com.au

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