The CBIA response to the ACCC decision on Byron Bay Pale Lager

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The CBIA response to the ACCC decision on Byron Bay Pale Lager

The Craft Beer Industry Association (CBIA) would like to acknowledge yesterday’s announcement that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued two infringement notices to CUB regarding the labeling of Byron Bay Pale Lager that it produced under licence for the Byron Bay Brewing Company.

Labeling has been a much discussed topic in the industry for many years and the CBIA welcomes any decision that helps clarify what is required of our members.

The CBIA believes that as an industry craft beer producers have a responsibility to ensure that their consumers are provided with all of the necessary information to make an educated choice about what beer they buy.

“We hope that yesterday’s decision will help give the necessary guidance to the industry about what is required on our labels”, said Dave Bonighton, CBIA Chair.

“This decision has possible implications for all companies that have all or some of their beers contract brewed and we will be working with the ACCC and seeking independent legal advice to ensure that the industry is educated about its legal requirements,” Bonighton said.

For further information please contact CBIA Executive Officer Chris McNamara on 0409 836 714 or at

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