The future of hop products

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As Australia’s leading hop grower and regional representative of BarthHaas®, HPA supply a huge range of consistently high-quality local, international and innovative hop products so you can make consistently high-quality beers. Their team of experts in hop breeding, growing, harvesting and processing are dedicated to helping brewers become more efficient and more profitable by delivering maximum impact in beer year after year.

At drinktec 2022, the global BarthHaas® group are focusing on innovative hop products and how they can benefit brewers. “We want to show that hops are not only important as a flavour ingredient in beer, but they can also inspire new beverage concepts.” explains Thomas Raiser, Head of Sales & Marketing.

The BarthHaas® Brewing Solutions team will be hosting free guided tastings of their Inspiration Range at drinktec stand A5.440, including a non-alcoholic beer, kombucha, hop tonic water and hop water featuring innovative hop products like Redihop®, PHA®, LUPOMAX®, INCOGNITO® and SPECTRUM.

SPECTRUM is the next generation of liquid dry hopping. Brewers can add an extra dimension to their beers with this flowable and fully dissolvable hop product for cold-side addition. Plus, it helps increase brewing yield and reduce tank time. Mick O’Rance Head Brewer at Sunday Road says “SPECTRUM really helped us reduce beer loss when dry hopping our IPAs, while still delivering juicy, hop-forward flavours. HPA’s range of innovative products give us something to shout about in each of our beer releases as a point of difference.” SPECTRUM is available now in Citra®, Eclipse®, Enigma®, Galaxy®, Mosaic® and Vic Secret™.

INCOGNITO® is another flowable and fully dissolvable hop product, but for whirlpool addition. Is has all the alpha acids and flavour compounds of hops, without the vegetative material, for maximum hop flavour and minimum process loss. Plus, it blends perfectly with hop pellets and whole cones for more complex flavour profiles. “INCOGNITO® can really lift hop intensity without impacting the balance of a beer, while also improving batch yield and reducing waste.” according to Mitch Pickford at Range Brewing. “We maximise the impact of INCOGNITO® by lowering our temperatures in the whirlpool which helps to harness the more volatile aroma compounds. We’ve also trialed inline dosing at knockout as a biotransformation addition to great effect. INCOGNITO® is just one of a constant evolution of great products from HPA that are working towards better beer, greater sustainability, and depth of hop knowledge.” INCOGNITO® is available now in Centennial, Chinook, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, HBC 472, Mosaic® and Sabro®.

Alongside their Inspiration Range, BarthHaas® are also presenting two 100% hop-derived, flowable and fully dissolvable products that are new to the beer industry. Hop Haze® has been designed to create a stable haze that lasts the entire shelf life of a beer, and Kettle Redi® is specifically for light stable bittering in clear and green glass bottles.

The potential of hops in beer and new beverage concepts is huge, and the possibilities are far from being realised. Discover HPA’s range of innovative hop products, and contact your local sales rep to become more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable starting today.

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