The “mother-of-all” beer events is coming

Dan Dainton of Dainton Family Brewery has partnered with the Price Alfred Hotel in Ipswich, Queensland, to present the “mother-of-all” beer events.

It has taken the Dainton team almost four months, at a rate of 10 beers a week, to brew over 130 different beers for the world’s biggest ever tap takeover. The beers have been brewed across two 50-litre pilot systems and Dainton’s 30hl three vessel brewhouse.

Dan Dainton said it’s taken a lot work but that it’s been a good challenge.

“The fact that we could do two at a time was fairly convenient, but they’ve all been hand kegged and they’ve all been in their own little fermenter, there’s been a lot of time and effort that’s gone into recipe development and experimentation,” Dainton said.

“But it’s been great, we’ve been able to play around even more so than what we normally do, which is a lot.”

Operations Manager at the Prince Alfred Tim Rule said the Hotel has 104 installed taps with 72 different beers available.Rule has had to source temporary and mobile key systems and whatever he can “scrounge” up for the minimum of 131 kegs arriving for the event.

“The biggest tap takeover we’ve had was with Bridge Road, who brewed 39 beers for an event we held last year,” Rule said.

According to Rule, the current world record holder for a tap takeover by one brewery is Dark Horse Brewery from Michigan, USA.

Rule said that he’s in contact with the Guinness Book of Records office, and is waiting on confirmation that someone official will be attending the event.

The World’s Biggest Ever Tap Takeover will be supporting Soldier On, a charity dedicated to aiding soldiers and their families who are struggling post-service.

“One of our Directors is in the defence forces, and he does a lot of work supporting soldiers and their families,” Rule said.

“We’re also close to a RAF Base and they’ve supported our bar so we’re giving back.”

Dan’s personal favourite, at least so far, is his own saffron infused, orange flavoured Belgian Wit IPA with Coriander.

The event will take place on September 8.

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