Tooheys replaces VB for NSW Blues

Tooheys in, VB out for NSW Blues

It has been a long time coming but today Tooheys NEW is proud to announce it will be the official beer of the NSW blues.

The official partnership, which will begin at the 2018 Origins series, will see the beloved New South Wales beer back with Blues, nearly 26 years on from when they first met.

Tooheys was one of the first sponsors of the NSW Blues (1991 series) and partnered for 13 years – seven wins, two draws and only four losses and while the partnership ended in the early 2000’s, the connection with the team and the brand in many consumers’ eyes never really left.

Ben Slocombe, Marketing Director at Lion said “Tooheys supported the Blues from the start, we’ve never stopped supporting them really, so it is fantastic to have NSW’s biggest beer back officially with the Blues.”

The partnership coincides with the brand performing very well in recent months bringing it to the summit in NSW as the number one beer in the state.

Tooheys New has a long standing relationship with Rugby League in NSW at various levels of the game and are also current partners of five NRL clubs.

More details on the partnership will be revealed over the coming months.

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