Top 10 methods to sell more beer merch

A fan of your brand can yell ‘5-star review!’ without saying a word. They can influence a stranger without knowing them. When a fan of your beer is wearing your merch they are saying a lot without saying anything at all.

Merch is the most underrated brand builder and the easiest way to increase your bottom line this silly season.

Here are top 10 ways to sell more beer branded merch.

  1. Visibility – don’t hide your merch in the corner instead put it in a high traffic area with easy-to-read pricing.
  2. Staff – have your staff wear your merch and make sure it isn’t old, faded etc. They directly represent your brand so they should look the best.
  3. Quality – you have a premium product in your beer so make sure your merch reflects that in design and the quality of the garment.
  4. Lighthouse – create limited lines that compliment limited releases. This ‘lighthouse’ merch makes customers aware of your merch selection.
  5. Free – create beer and merch packs that increase your average sale size and get your walking billboards (t-shirts) out there.
  6. Range – make sure your range of merch suits a wide variety of people. Beer is inclusive so make your merch the same.
  7. Incentive – your bar staff are the best advocates of your brand. Incentivise them to sell merch as well as your beer.
  8. Access – have your merch available in multiple areas. Taproom, ecommerce and marketplaces. You have your beer available in multiple places so should your merch.
  9. Postcard – have merch that is available at the taproom only. This will encourage customers to visit and encourage customer to buy a piece of ‘postcard’ merch.
  10. Inventory – track the sizes and quantities of your merch. There is nothing worse than a customer committing to a purchase and not being about to service them.

Sales data from Beer Fans suggest 40% of its online shoppers are buying a gift. Make your brand the best gift a new beer fan receives these holidays by nailing the 10 ways to sell more this silly season.

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