Tribe unveils new non-alcoholic beverage range

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Leadingbetter for youdrinks brandWildehas launched Australia’s first non-alcoholic Isotonic beer – Wilde Isotonic.

A beverage that is genuinely good for you, Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed (and tastes) just like a regular beer. However, instead of dehydrating you and pulling nutrients out of your body, it replenishes you by adding lost electrolytes and essential vitamins. The ultimate guilt-free brew, Wilde Isotonic is a healthiernon-alcoholic beer or sports-drink alternative, perfect for sharing with mates post exercise, drinking at festivals or even adding to your pub nights as the ideal ‘beer back’ between alcoholic beverages.

Unlike any other sports drinks or electrolyte beers on the market, Wilde Isotonic is naturally brewed and due to its tonicity, it can be absorbed much faster in the bloodstream. It also is made with more complex carbohydrates and has 50% less sugar than other standard sports drinks. Wilde Isotonic is a more natural and tastier alternative for those seeking a refreshing beer taste post-exercise, and is designed to reward and rehydrate Aussies as they celebrate everyday achievements together.


Leadingbetter for youdrinks brand Wilde has launched Australia’s newest non-alcoholic, sparkling hop water – Wilde Guru.

An all-natural sparkling water, Wilde Guru is infused with real beer hops giving it the slight bitterness and hop aroma of a beer, just without the ‘bad stuff’, with zero alcohol, calories, carbs and most importantly…zero bad juju.

As Aussies embrace mindful drinking more than ever before, Wilde Guru is perfect for those seeking a hydrating, non-alcoholic beverage, whilst still wanting to participate in the ‘social drinking’ aspect of their favourite activities, including festivals, concerts and BBQs.Wilde Guru has launched in Australia nationwide, packaged together in a highly unique 4-can pack that is bound to get your chakras shaking. With creative and psychedelic patterns, colours and typography, Wilde Guru stands out on shelf against other products in the category, making it highly approachable and ensures that drinking mindfully can be easy and not as socially abrasive.

Wilde Guru is now available in Natural, and Lemon & Lime Flavours through Dan Murphy’s nationally.

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