Two Birds bids goodbye to flagship Golden Ale

Melbourne’s Two Birds Brewing has announced that it will be discontinuing its flagship Golden Ale and introducing two new products to its core range.

Two Birds co-owners Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis launched the Two Birds brand with their ‘beloved’ Golden Ale back in 2011. Australia’s first female-owned brewery, Two Birds has experienced significant growth since its inception, moving into its own Spotswood premises in 2014.

Both Allen and Lewis said that while they are sad to cease brewing their first branded brew, it is a good business decision.

“Over the past two years sales have steadily declined,” Allen told Brews News.

She said that because Golden Ale sales were lagging, the brewery wasn’t able to run as efficiently.

“We were a bit late to the party, we hung onto [the Golden Ale] probably because I was so stubborn,” Allen said.

“Sales just didn’t warrant keeping it on so it’s a good commercial decision albeit a sad one.”

Taking over from the Golden Ale’s top spot is Two Birds Pale Ale, which was launched in 2016. Allen said that once the Pale Ale started to overtake the Golden Ale and then seeing the Golden Ale decline even further, she knew it was time to shake up the core range.

Two Birds new core range will include two new bottle-releases including Two Birds Brewing IPA and Two Birds Brewing Cider.

Allen said that introducing a cider to the Two Birds range was always something the duo had wanted to do.

“Cider is a way to diversify our portfolio, it’s a natural progression when we had the time and headspace,” she explained.

Two Birds’ Lewis is no stranger to cider, having helped develop Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider when she worked for the brewery.

Brews News will update readers on Two Birds’ new products in our Friday Wrap.

These two new products join the brewery’s Sunset Ale, Taco Beer, Western Bulldogs Collaboration Beer and Passion Victim Pale. All beers will be available in bottle expect for the collab brew and Passion Victim – available in can only. Two Birds Pale Ale will be available in both bottle and can formats.

Allen said that while the core range will remain more “straightforward” Two Birds will continue to experiment with its more “quirky” limited-release range.

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