Two Birds build a nest

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Two Birds build a nest

Two Birds - Jayne Lewis Danielle Allen June 2013

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen

Three years after Two Birds Brewing hit the Craft Beer Scene as Australia’s first female owned and operated brewing company, they are set to fulfil their dream of owning their very own stainless steel.

Two Birds Brewing hatched in 2011 with Jayne Lewis at the helm of brewing and Danielle Allen in charge of the business side. A Golden Ale was their first release in October 2011 and has remained a staple in their beer line up, along with Sunset Ale, an American­style Red Ale, that was launched in May 2012.

Through the use of contract brewing facilities, namely Southern Bay Brewing Company in Geelong and Gage Roads Brewing Company in Perth, Two Birds were able to focus on recipe development, marketing and distribution, before they took the giant step of owning and running a brewery.

“We’ve proven to ourselves that a real demand exists for our product” explains Danielle Allen. “We’ve always had the end game of owning our own brewery in mind and we’ve worked hard over the last few years to ensure that we built a solid foundation for our business, because we’re here to stay. We’ve definitely taken the “one step at a time” approach, so we’ve had to be patient, but it has been worth the wait.”

Two Birds Brewing will be installing a brand new 18hL 2 vessel DME Brewhouse in Melbourne’s West.

The Spotswood location will become the site that brews all of the company’s kegs for the East Coast of Australia. All packaged product and kegs for WA will continue to be closely managed and brewed at Gage Roads Brewing Company.

“The brewhouse and tanks ship at the end of the month and we hope to have it commissioned and be brewing beer on it before mid year” comments Brewer Jayne. “Owning our own brewery is a dream come true for us and I can’t wait to have more flexibility to increase our range of beers and experiment with brewing new styles. We are very much looking forward to having a home­base and for craft beer lovers to be able to come and visit us at The Nest!”

Two Birds Brewing’s beers are available nationally. Refer to for more details or email #Thenest

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