UberEats in first brewery tie-up

An Adelaide brewery has become the first in Australia to sign UberEats as the official food partner at its taproom.

With no restaurant on-site, Little Bang Brewery will make UberEats easily available to its customers so that they can keep drinking in the brewery and don’t have to leave to get food.

Little Bang’s Adelaide taproom

Under the partnership, the brewery will actively encourage its customers to order food in rather than just allowing it.

This aims toavoid anyhesitation from customers unsure about the appropriateness of ordering food in,which may result in themchoosing to leave and eat elsewhere.

Marketing collateral produced for Little Bang

UberEats has produced custom marketing collateral educating Little Bang’s customers about the service.

Other benefits include a special drop point in the app for Little Bang Brewery, so customers do not have to type in the exact address. First time customers will receive a $10 voucher for the service.

UberEats ANZ general managerSimon Rossi commented: “Thanks to UberEats, Little Bang Brewery can now offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy meals from hundreds of local restaurants at the push of a button.:

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