Vale Brewing revamps Dark Lager

Vale Amber Bottle low resLeading local craft brewer Vale Brewing has revamped its VALE Dark Lager by giving the popular beer a new name and bold new look to more closely reflect and celebrate the intricate characteristics of a rich amber lager.

The change sees VALE Dark Lager become VALE Amber Lager, along with changes to its packaging and availability, the ‘new’ product being available both on tap and in bottles.

Indeed, the renamed product’s availability this month makes VALE Amber Lager Vale Brewing’s first beer released in six-packs.

Explaining the changes, Vale Brewing’s Head Brewer Jeff Wright said while the award-winning beer remains the same, the style of beer they were producing was a closer match to an American Amber Lager than an American Dark Lager.

“Dark Lager also tends to throw up images and connotations of a porter or a stout, which this beer certainly isn’t,” Jeff said.

“It’s very much a local lager carefully crafted in our McLaren Vale brewery to suit the refinedAustralian palate. The full-strength 4.5% alcohol by volume VALE Amber Lager’s filtering process delivers a rich amber-coloured beer with a hint of ruby shining through.”

Jeff added that VALE Amber Lager’s coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours can be attributed to the combination of pale, munich, crystal and three different roasted malts, while the generous use of Falconers Flight and Simcoe hops introduces the perfect balance of vanilla/pine and bitterness to the complex malt profile.

“And while perfect for cooler days, this is a true all-rounder that can be enjoyed throughout the year.”

Jeff also announced that Vale Brewing’s flagship VALE Ale would follow in the footsteps of VALE Amber Lager by being offered in six-pack packaging in the coming months.

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