Victoria relief fund insufficient says NTIA

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With Melbourne now in lockdown, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has urged Federal and State Governments to provide urgent financial support for sectors decimated by the new restrictions. The Association welcomed Friday’s announcement of a business support package from the Victorian Government, but said the funding represents a fraction of what is required.

Details on the business support package are here.

In addition to Friday’s announcement, the NTIA is calling for:

  1. Federal or State wage subsidies for foreign Visa workers, who have not received any financial support since the pandemic began.
  2. An extension to all existing rental assistance and commercial property loan deferral schemes for hospitality and tourism business in Victoria until the end of the year, with provision for government funded mediation on tenant application where landlords are not passing on the benefit of those schemes.
  3. A 100% refund on properties’ 2020 land tax on application by landlords that is directly paid to affected tenants in the sector and available on direct application by the affected tenants.
  4. Blanket refunds of all trade-related licensing and permits fees by Local Councils in relation to the 2020 financial year and a refund of municipal rates in relation to 2020 financial year.
  5. Payroll tax refunds to be made available to affected businesses regardless of their size.
  6. Provide additional emergency relief grants to those hospitality businesses in the lockdown zones who have no capacity to make revenue from take-away and delivery options.
  7. A commitment from the Federal Government to extend JobSeeker beyond September for hard hit industries including hospitality, tourism and events.

Michael Rodrigues, Chair of the Night Time Industries Association said:

“This week has been a hammer blow to night time industries which have just started emerging out of hibernation. The lifting of restrictions on venues and operators was set to be a new dawn but has turned into a six-week nightmare. The cost to the economy and human lives and livelihoods will be horrendous”.

“The Victorian Government is acting to protect public health, but it also needs to step up to help hundreds of thousands of Victorians who work in the hospitality sector. Friday’s funding announcement is welcome, but it’s a few drops of rain when we need a downpour. More action is needed today”.

About the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA):

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) was formed in 2018, following the commencement of Sydney’s Lockout Laws in 2014 and the ongoing effect it had on Sydney’s Music and Arts Economy. The objective of the NTIA is to promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city, and specifically, to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s lightlife. The NTIA membership comprises stakeholders in the night time economy from multiple sectors, including: Hospitality, Entertainment Venues, Festivals, Retail, Arts, Music & Culture, Precincts, Comedy and Visitor economy.

The Night Time Industries Association commenced as a Sydney-focused organisation, but recognising the Covid-19 impact is national, the Keep Our Venues Alive campaign has meant the NTIA has established satellite teams in Victoria and Tasmania.

More information:

The objectives of the Night Time Industries Association are to:

  • Restore Sydney’s reputation as a global city and premier tourist destination that encourages repeat visitation;
  • Promote Sydney as a vibrant and creative city, and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife that includes:
    • that Sydney is a fun and inspiring place to go out;
    • that Sydney’s nightlife contributes to the cultural value of the city; And
    • nightlife stimulates creativity which is an important economic driver for NSW;
  • Develop solutions that can be implemented by Government and Industry to support the NTE;
  • Align and co-ordinate industry participants who have a direct or indirect interest in the nighttime economy so they are better able to:
    • educate, engage and advocate to government on their behalf for policies that support the NTE; and
    • inform and demonstrate to the public of the benefits of an inspiring, vibrant and diverse NTE

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