Victoria's container deposit rates announced

The rates brewers will pay under the new Victorian Container Deposit Scheme have been announced with glass containers costing 12.54 cents and aluminium 12.16 cents per container.

The rates have been set by VicReturn which was appointed to run the scheme in April with the Container Deposit Scheme commencing on 1 November 2023.

In a media statement announcing the rates, VicReturn said the costs of running the scheme will change over time as “Victorians take up the opportunity to get cash back” with prices reviewed to ensure the cost of running the scheme is covered.

“VicReturn will provide the market with sufficient notice of changes to container pricing as the Scheme matures,” the statement said.

“The cost per container for First Suppliers strikes a balance between making sure there are enough funds to pay Scheme costs, including providing the 10-cent refund per container, while keeping the costs as low as reasonably possible for First Suppliers,” said VicReturn CEO, Jim Round

While acknowledging the importance of sustainability, the Independent Brewers Association called for a national approach saying that the creation of another State-based scheme was more red tape for brewers.

“While we respect and pay heed to initiatives that have conservation and sustainability at the forefront, the challenge of negotiating another container deposit scheme (CDS) will only add to the already overburdened regulatory landscape breweries have to navigate,” Independent Brewers Association CEO Kylie Lethbridge told Brews News.

“In a recent survey, our members indicated that CDS is still high on the list of administrative challenges and once again, called for the introduction of a national scheme or at least a national register as it is cumbersome and costly for those breweries who distribute their product across multiple states and territories.

“Although we applaud Victoria for taking on board our feedback in terms of time and cost we would also ask that the concept of a national approach be high on the agenda for the scheme provider network.”

VicReturn is a not-for-profit entity with members comprising Lion, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and Asahi Beverages.

Scheme pricing from 1 November 2023

scheme pricing for Victoria's CDS


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